The Junkies and Joe Clair Morning Show beef over chicken

The Sports Junkies
September 20, 2019 - 12:57 pm

There is some serious beef around the Half Street studios. And the beef is over... chicken.

The story begins Thursday morning when The Sports Junkies got a food drop of some chicken. 

The Junkies and their producers, especially Matt Valdez, were cised about eating some mid-morning chicken. 

Unfortunately, some people around the Entercom D.C. offices, who are not affiliated with 106.7 The Fan, including members of WPGC's Joe Clair Morning Show, came and helped themselves. (Possibly after Eric Bickel gave them the go-ahead.)

This left some with the Junks without chicken and they were pretty ricked about things.

The situation came to a head Friday morning when Joe Clair and Sunni burst into The Junkies studio to settle the disagreement. 

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