Hosts fear being set up for failure at ‘Fan Fest’ meet & greets

Chris Lingebach
September 28, 2018 - 1:03 pm

Twitter: @TomDaly2

Meet and even get autographs from some of your favorite Redskins players, past and present, Chris Thompson, DeAngelo Hall, Santana Moss and Clinton Portis at 106.7 The Fan's fifth annual Fan Fest.

Oh, you can also get a photograph with the entire 106.7 The Fan roster, The Sports Junkies, Grant & Danny and Chad Dukes included.

It all goes down Saturday, Sept. 29 at The St. James Sports and Active Entertainment Center in Springfield, Va., starting at 12 p.m.

As raised by Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier in the run-up to the event, station management might be trying to embarrass its on-air staff, by forcing them to sit for photos nobody wants, left to consume humble pie as they're surrounded by hordes of Redskins fans waiting in line to meet the real stars.

"CK has allotted 45 minutes," Paulsen said Friday.

"Just open the thing up," Rouhier said. "From 12 to 12:45, Grant and I are going to be sitting at a table. We're like the weird jackass who's offering a book signing in an empty parking lot. There will be tumbleweed. People will be walking past us."

"Yeah but you guys are like the opening band," Cakes of The Junkies reasoned. "There is some merit and some value to being the opening band. It's cool. Sometimes the opening bands are really cool!"

"You're so right about this," Dukes called in to say. "CK hates all of us. He harbors resentment towards us. There is no... nobody is going to come to a tent to take pictures with us. I walked around Fan Fest for three hours. I got asked for maybe one picture last year. He's doing this to embarrass us. That is the only thing that is going to happen."

"We've debated this, legitimately debated this behind the scenes since yesterday," Paulsen interjected. "Danny 1,000 percent believes CK strategically is doing this. This is not a bit. He thinks CK wants to, in some way, let us know, like, for the next negotiation, you mean nothing to this operation."

"Of course," Dukes agreed with the premise. "Of course!"

"I don't believe that," Paulsen said. "But that's really what Danny thinks! And I will agree with everyone, it's a terrible idea and it's a disaster."

"Here's what it is," Dukes said. "Monkeys, you dance for me. Never forget. With all your bonuses, and all your tweets and all your deals with all these athletes, that you're my minions. Sit there and look like an a-hole at our tent pole event for the year. One-hundred percent, that's what it is. I couldn't believe that email when I saw it. I'm so glad you guys saw the same thing. It's nothing but an open attack on the roster of this station."

Reached for comment, 106.7 The Fan Program Director Chris Kinard informed me he was "inspired by the long line of people who stood for minutes at a time to get a picture with Chad Dukes after 106.7 The Fan Live late last January."

"I'm disappointed that Chad would question my integrity," he'd go on to say. "But I'm not surprised that Danny Rouhier is so insecure that he immediately thought this was a way to take him down a peg."

Meet & Greet times are posted here.

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