Adam Eaton will avoid crabs in Baltimore for this very specific reason

Chris Lingebach
July 16, 2019 - 5:09 pm

Adam Eaton won't be consuming crabs on the Nationals' brief trip up north to Baltimore. For a very specific reason.

"Are you gonna pick crabs while you're up there?" Eaton was asked during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance with Chad Dukes Tuesday afternoon.

"You know what? I do like crabs. I do. I do," Eaton said. "I'm an oyster guy and crab guy. I'm a seafood guy. Enjoy all of it. But it's always a roll of the dice, I feel like, when you're playing baseball and you're in a town. If you eat one thing and it goes south. Like, I'm tellin' ya."

"But you've got to deal with that stuff," he continued. "Again, we play every single day, but you kinda gotta be careful what you eat. If I was here during summer vacation, I might go all out and whatever. If I lose a half day, no big deal, but if I lose a half day and I literally can't stay off the pot, and I gotta keep going out for at-bats and it's 98 degrees outside? It doesn't go over well, so I'll probably dodge them while I'm here in Baltimore."

In case there were any confusion with the subject matter at this point, Dukes shredded all doubt with his next question: "How many games have you missed in your career due to diarrhea?"

"None. But I have had quite a few of them," Eaton said, before tantalizing listeners with a mystery they'll have to solve on their own time. "Again, we're human! I'm not gonna throw the person under the bus, but since I have been here, there has been someone that has done it."

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That proved too tempting for Dukes, who immediately inquired for more details. Who in recent Nats history missed a game because... bathroom problems?

"Tell me," Dukes said.

"I can't. I can't do that," Eaton said. "Can I?"

"Tanner Roark," Dukes offered a guess. "It was definitely Tanner Roark."

"Oh, that's so funny," Eaton said. "You're close. Same type of body type. Same body type."

"C'mon," Dukes said. "So if I guess correctly, you'll tell me?"

"Yeah I will, yeah," Eaton said. "We traded him. We traded him. Awesome guy."

Dukes made a few more errant guesses – Tyler Clippard, Drew Storen among them – prompting swift denials from Eaton: "No, I wasn't here then... Nope. I wasn't here then, either."

"But it happens," Eaton went on. "Your body doesn't know what time it is or where you're at. You know, figure it out. Many guys do. It's not fun and you'll be sweating. It is what it is." 

Here's the little information you have to solve the bathroom mystery, should you care to do so:

*Traded by the Nationals in the past two-and-a-half years (Eaton joined the club in Dec. 2016)

*Same body type as Tanner Roark (6-foot-2, 240 lbs.)

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