Who will the Redskins hire to replace Gruden?

Ben Krimmel
October 07, 2019 - 1:32 pm

The Washington Redskins have fired head coach Jay Gruden.

Now what? Who will be the 9th head coach of the Daniel Snyder era? Who will team president Bruce Allen pick to run the team?

That will remain a mystery for some time. But how did the Redskins reach this decision after just five weeks of the season after choosing to keep Gruden after the 2018 season?

"I didn't get the sense that Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen wanted to do this. The original plan was to stick it out. Gruden wasn't going to fire (assistant) coaches, they knew that," NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said on Grant & Danny Monday. "But you know, you go 0-5, you lose enough, it gets ugly enough, you have Patriots fans invade your stadium like that, it's basically like there is no choice but to make the move and start 2020 already."

Rapoport added Gruden coming back for 2019 made sense after the numerous injuries suffered last season, but said, "But then this year the performance of the coaching staff, obviously, was not good enough. And if you're not going to go into the future with Jay Gruden you should just fire him. So you can move on, he can move on, and everyone can just go about with their lives."

Well, now the Redskins may not have many advantages when it comes to attracting a top-tier candidate, they do have the advantage of being first to the market place. They have the opportunity to get all their duck's in a row to plan their next move well.

"They do get a headstart," Rapoport said. "If they wanted to contact people who have coached with some of their targets, if they wanted to do background work, I mean there's a lot of stuff that team's who are gonna fire their coach do before they fire him, sometimes they get busted and people find out about it and it's very bad. At the very least, the Redskins can do all of that now without being jerks, which is nice. So they can sort of begin the process."


The two qualities Rapoport said the Redskins may look for: "Young and innovative."

"Someone to kinda take this offense in a new direction, someone that can take advantage of Dwayne Haskins' talents, someone to come in and be creative," Rapoport told The Fan. "I expect Kevin O'Connell to get some real consideration, he's not the interim (head coach), but he is gonna run the offense, as it will be his offense now. We saw this model work with the Browns last year and Freddie Kitchens, so I would definitely keep an eye on  Kevin O'Connell."

A list put out by ESPN's Ed Werder included Mike Tomlin, Todd Bowles, and Eric Bieniemy. 

Bowles, of course, was floated as potential offseason hire this offseason, but he ultimately joined Bruce Arians' staff in Tampa Bay as the defensive coordinator.

As far as the now-former head coach goes, Rapoport said he thinks Gruden is relieved.

"I think Jay Gruden has probably been expecting this for some time," he said. "I think he is probably pretty relieved right now." 

"There was a lot wrong with the Redskins and Gruden was sort of bearing all of it. I think he's probably in a pretty decent place," Rapoport added.

And the oddsmakers, who correctly placed Gruden as the favorite to be the first NFL coach fired, had an interesting list on who will be the Redskins head coach come Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.

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