Alan May looks back on Caps' Stanley Cup run: '8 weeks of heaven'

Chris Lingebach
June 08, 2018 - 10:00 pm

Twitter: @MayHockeyNBCS

NBC analyst Alan May shared his experience watching the Caps capture the Stanley Cup with The Sports Junkies Friday morning, still reeling from the emotional high from the night before.

"It was eight weeks of heaven," said May, sponsored by Dominion Jewelers. "It didn't always feel like it. It was a long time."

May was able to share the experience with his two children, who traveled to Vegas for the decisive game and, after the game they joined him on the NBC Sports Washington television set, making the moment extra special.

"Our network did do it right," he said. "My children were there and I couldn't ask for anything more. As a former player, a guy that covers the game that loves the franchise, it was a dream come true and it was an epic night for all of us."

"I was just trying to keep from losing it," May said of all the emotions running through his head. "Because you feel how much these guys have gone through over the years, and some of these teams that have had collapses and all the things that, if they're not here, all those bad things don't happen."

"Nick Backstrom and I went nuts last night," he said. "About an hour after the game, we met and we were just talking about all the different things that have happened over the years, and how emotional. It felt right that it was this team, this group of guys, and to see this group of players be able to experience it and feel this, and the way they did it -- guys like Devante Smith-Pelly rising up to a level that they've never been at in their entire life, their career, regular-season or playoffs. Absolutely spectacular to see a team come together."

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