Alan May dismisses your silly little broom jinx on the Capitals

Chris Lingebach
May 17, 2018 - 7:07 pm

Twitter: @OozyKuzy

A trio of teenaged Capitals fans, overcome with joy for their team going up 2-0 against Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Final, did what teenagers do, something -- anything -- without calculating it all the way through.

They brought a broom to Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Tuesday, where the Capitals were skating before Game 3 back at Capital One Arena, and got injured Nicklas Backstrom to sign it. Backstrom, being the kind soul that he is, then posed for a photo with the young fans, one of which happened to be holding the broom.

Afterwards, that same aforementioned teen further tempted fate by posting the photo to Twitter, along with a caption that he would come to regret not long after: "He signed our broom cuz we're getting that 4-0 sweep."

The Capitals of course would not be sweeping the Lightning in the series, as they promptly dropped Game 3, 4-2, at home that same eve.

Many fans who'd read of the broom incident, on Caps blog Russian Machine Never Breaks, came to rationalize that these teens had in fact jinxed their favorite hockey team. Naturally, many of these same fans began haranguing the teens on Twitter, the root of all evil in today's world, and some even felt it necessary to threaten death upon the jinxers, the teens say. Naturally.

In a reverse-the-curse attempt, they've since burned the broom, in hopes to set it free from the demonic spirits harboring within, and have begged the angry masses for mercy.

Some might say this is all a stupid waste of time, and that, as the Capitals again set forth on Lord Stanley's journey, with a shot at gaining a 3-1 series lead Thursday night, at no point will a broom -- burned or unburned, jinxed or not  -- affect their outcome. Alan May, the former Capitals player and current analyst for NBC Sports Washington, is one of those people.

"I've never seen a game lost from an autograph being signed anywhere," May told Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan. "I ripped a towel before Game 6 in Pittsburgh, a Terrible Tower, and people were going, 'You can't do that! The last time...' It doesn't matter. That towel doesn't score a goal; I'm not on the ice to affect the game."

"So those kids having fun with Nick, who probably being from Sweden didn't really get it, what that would mean. I just think he's a great guy who signed the broomstick and he's a hero of mine for doing it," he said. "And I'm not worried about things like that. You win and people can be so ridiculous."

"Social media is one of the worst weapons there are out there right now," May continued. "People lose their minds. They get carried away, tapping away these messages out there of hate and what have you. Who cares? The team has to win on the ice. The goaltender has to make stops. Players have to score goals. The game is won and lost on the ice and nowhere else."

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