Alan May: Officials were 'absolutely pathetic' at end of Game 4

Chris Lingebach
June 05, 2018 - 3:57 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Alan May says it was "absolutely pathetic" how badly NHL officials let Game 4 of the Stanley Cup get out of hand in the third period.

A total of nine infractions were administered in the third, as the Caps shored up their 6-2 win, with cheap shots and bad hits being thrown all over the ice.

"You're watching the game, and they talked about making the game safer and better, and that the players need to raise their level of respect to each other, and I just saw so many blatant cheap shots by Vegas in the third period last night," said May, sponsored by Dominion Jewelers.

"So they threw the rule book out," he told The Junkies. "Tom Wilson ends up getting cross-checked multiple times, punched in the face multiple times by their fourth-line guy -- who, to me, looked like he couldn't handle the game last night -- in Ryan Reaves. And I just thought it was pathetic that the ref is standing there watching these -- they're watching, they're looking right at the infraction."

"They don't have their backs turned. They're not looking the other way like the WWE referees, that's pure entertainment," he continued. "These guys are supposed to be professionals and they weren't doing their job last night. I thought it was absolutely pathetic. And the fact that there's only four of these referees left. You know, I don't know what they were hoping four, triple overtime, but it was so bad.

"I don't want to say what I want to say, but the Caps' power-play goal at the end, where they stuffed it. I just thought, you know what, you could have got four more goals (and) I would have been the happiest guy, because I was getting so pissed off watching that last night."

The Caps have dominated the Golden Knights in three straight games since dropping Game 1 in Las Vegas, taking a 3-1 series lead with Monday's win and forcing their opponent into an elimination scenario in Game 5.

May says he's not surprised Vegas players lost their cool in the final minutes of Game 4.

"Vegas hasn't had to resort to that. They're in a situation that they haven't been in all season long," he said. "They hadn't lost two in a row in the playoffs, now here they've lost three in a row in the playoffs. I don't think they lost three in a row all regular season.

"You know, these guys were on. They were on an emotional high from the very first game they played there. Then it was a very emotional game after the Las Vegas shooting. That team really embraced the community; the community embraced them, and it's been an incredible story. If I ever wanted another team to win the Stanley Cup other than the Caps, it was everything that that area has gone through."

"You look at this team and they've been on an emotional high, but now they're getting handled pretty easily," he went on to say. "The Caps coaching staff and the players are on the same page together and Vegas doesn't know what hit 'em right now. And last night, you look at the Caps have five goals, and then they get their sixth. It was frustrating for them because anything they do, the Caps have an answer for, so I'm not surprised, but I'm surprised that the refs let it get that far."

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