Alex Smith update: Doctors removing tissue to clear infection

Chris Lingebach
December 06, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The latest wrinkle in the surgery complications to Alex Smith's leg involves doctors removing tissue to clear off an infection, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports.

News broke Thursday that Smith had suffered "devastating complications" while in surgery to repair the broken fibula and tibia, an injury Smith sustained in a Nov. 18 game against the Houston Texans. As Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies reported, Smith has undergone multiple surgeries to try to combat the infection that arose during the initial procedure.

Chances of Smith returning to football are in real jeopardy, Bickel said.

Chris Russell later reported on 106.7 The Fan that after talking to several sources, he could corroborate Bickel's account, adding, "There is no question his career – never mind next year – his career is in doubt."

The Redskins have since issued a statement saying Smith's family has requested privacy at this time. The statement did not deny any of the reports.

On the football side, the Redskins have been decimated at quarterback late in the season. Two weeks after Smith went down, his backup, Colt McCoy, broke his fibula in a game against the Eagles on Monday Night Football. Mark Sanchez, brought in after Smith's injury, came in as the emergency quarterback. The Redskins have since added another backup in Josh Johnson.

Coincidentally enough, Smith and McCoy were in adjacent hospital rooms after McCoy underwent surgery.


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