Alex Smith won't join Redskins front office, still hopes to play

Ben Krimmel
December 30, 2019 - 1:32 pm

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith said that "without a doubt" he is still focused on returning to the football field in his first comments to the media since he sustained a gruesome leg injury during the 2018 season.

Smith said he "still has dreams" of being back to where he was before he broke his leg 13 months ago in Week 9 of 2018. He has not played a down since the injury and suffered numerous complications due to the injury.

"I still have dreams of getting back to where I was and getting back out there," Smith said Monday. "This has been obviously a crazy ride with a lot of unforeseen turns, but without a doubt, that's still my goal."

Smith also denied any interest in joining the Redskins front office.

"Has there ever been a GM and quarterback at the same time?" Smith said. "I love all the rumor mill and all the stuff that circulates out there. Like I said, my focus is to get out there and play again."

The Redskins added the veteran quarterback in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs ahead of the 2018 season and inked him to a four-year, $94 million contract, which included $71 million in guaranteed money.

"Injuries are obviously a part of the game, but certainly some of the things that have gone on with me have been unforeseen, and you do feel a little bit like you've hamstrung the team, with what's gone on and how long this has gone on," Smith said. "So there's some responsibility you do feel there, as a player, that I feel there."

The Redskins will likely have to keep Smith on the books for the 2020 season as he carries a $32.2 million dead cap number. However, that number is just $10.8 million entering the 2021 season. 

As for what comes next, Smith left a lot up in the air.

"I think that's been a little bit of the unique circumstances of my injury, that there isn't really a blueprint," Smith said Monday. "There isn't someone that I can follow that's had this, which is also, for me, the intriguing thing of the challenge; that this (road) hasn't really been traveled before."

Smith has been a figure around the Redskins this season, including walking on FedEx Field prior to the defeat to the Chicago Bears and at Redskins training camp. Smith also said his and Dwayne Haskins' trajectories don't conflict.

The Redskins quarterback first said it was his plan to continue playing in an interview with Angie Goff this offseason.

"That's the plan. That's the plan," Smith said in June 2019. "(There are some) steps, I've got to conquer some more steps before I get there. Learn to run again. That's a big one. I'm already throwing. I already feel like throwing is not a problem. I feel like I can throw. But dropping, moving around, all that kind of stuff, change of direction."

"I'm looking forward to it, I'm excited about that challenge. The stronger I get every week, the more I do, the more hopeful I am that that's a real possibility," Smith said. 

One day after Smith made those comments, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, who sustained his own gruesome leg injury, said he believed Smith was still years away from being able to return to the field and added he would be surprised if Smith is ever able to play again.

"In Alex's case, it is a long road, it is a tough road. And I would be surprised if he plays again just because of the age factor," Theismann told 106.7 The Fan. "When it comes to Alex's rehab, having gone through it, it's a two-year process. So, from the time he really starts to step back on a football field, you have to figure two years." 

"God bless him, I know we want him to come back, I want him to be healthy, but it's more than just being able to run. It's the throwing mechanism that'll be affected. And how long will that take?" Theismann told The Fan.

A potential return wasn't the only topic on Monday, as Smith, along with many other players, gave his thoughts about the firing of longtime team president Bruce Allen

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