This 94-year old Redskins fan is heartbroken over changing name (listen)

Chris Lingebach
July 10, 2020 - 9:12 am

Moving on from long-held traditions may sometimes be the morally decent thing to do, but that doesn't necessarily make it easy, emotionally.

Redskins fans from all walks of life have been forced to come to terms with the team changing its name, a decision made only after financial sponsors threatened to pull their money out. For many of these fans, the Washington Redskins are sacrosanct, and the idea of parting with the name is an unbearable thought.

Ann was born outside Knoxville, Tennessee in 1926, seven years before the year-old Boston Braves were re-christened as the Boston Redskins, and 11 years before George Preston Marshall moved the team to Washington. She was 27 when she moved to D.C. and purchased her first Redskins tickets.

"I bought my first tickets in 1953 and I have only missed 13 games since 1953," said Ann, calling into The Sports Junkies Friday morning. "I love the Redskins and this really breaks my heart."

Ann – like many fans of the team – has a room in her house devoted to her Redskins allegiance, adorned with memorabilia that spans decades, including a football signed by Super Bowl champions.

"Of course it's fading now," she said. "But they all signed that for me."

Armed with a lifetime of Redskins memories, she says her favorite player of all time is Darrell Green and she was once a member of the same country club as Sonny Jurgensen.

Asked if she'd be okay with the team going away from its famed Burgundy & Gold color scheme, Ann said, "No. No I would not. I love the Burgundy & Gold. That's our colors."

Ann struggled to pick a preferable substitute name, reluctantly settling on Warriors, which brought her right back to the cusp of her emotions.

"It really, really... it's like they're taking a part of my life away from me," she said. "You know, I just want to go watch my Redskins and live out my life. They're what I look for every year. I lived for the Redskins."

Be gentle, folks. This isn't easy for a lot of people.