Aldridge: Rushing to claim Foster latest bad move by Redskins

Ben Krimmel
November 29, 2018 - 1:18 pm

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins bungled the decision to add linebacker Reuben Foster by rushing to claim him without a proper investigation after his latest arrest, David Aldridge said on 106.7 The Fan Thursday.

"We don't know what happened and because we don't know what happened, how can you possibly know whether he's innocent or guilty? They didn't do an investigation. You can't do an investigation in 24 hours,"Aldridge said on Grant & Danny.  

"How can you expect a football team to conduct a thorough investigation – not only into this one incident, Danny, that's one thing – this guy's got a track record," Aldridge said. "And I know people will say, "(The Redskins) looked at him before the draft." That was before the draft. He's done all this since the draft, since he's been with the 49ers, who know him better than anybody else and decided to cut him."

Foster, who was released by San Francisco Monday after a weekend arrest for a domestic violence incident, was claimed by Washington Tuesday. The Redskins were the only team to put a waiver claim in for Foster. 

"With all of that in mind, how can you possibly make an informed decision about Reuben Foster in 24 hours? You can't. That's the whole point," Aldridge said.

SNIDER: Redskins blow it by claiming Foster

Aldridge said Washington should have waited and done their due diligence before rushing to claim Foster and figure out the situation and details as they emerge. 

"So why not take the time to conduct a real investigation, to talk to the 49ers, to talk to John Lynch, to talk to Kyle Shanahan, to talk to players, to talk to people at Alabama, to talk to his teammates – which they obviously have not done yet – and get a real picture?" Aldridge said. "You can sign Reuben Foster anytime. They did this so that nobody else could sign Reuben Foster, which, to me, is an amazingly cynical thing, for a franchise that is already lost the trust of a lot of fans in this town, to do." 

Aldridge criticized the Redskins for not speaking with defensive end Jonathan Allen, a teammate of Foster's at Alabama, after a press release from VP of Player Personnel Doug Williams indicated ex-Alabama players were consulted before the team claimed Foster.

"What does that tell you about this slapped-together press release? How could you say we talked to numerous Alabama players, oh by the way, none of whom is Jonathan Allen?" Aldridge said. "These are the types of things you do when you're rushing it because you want to get this claim in before somebody else does. And that is not how you should investigate a guy who has had numerous – not just one – numerous incidents over the last two years that cause you to question the judgment of this guy."

Aldridge also said it was wrong for the organization to only send out head coach Jay Gruden while not making any other decision maker available for comment Wednesday. 

"It was unfair to your head coach, who's trying to get ready for the biggest game of the year, basically a win-or-go-home game on Monday night," Aldridge said. 

To Aldridge, the decision to bring in Foster in the middle of the season so soon after an arrest showed a lack of judgment by the Redskins. 

"If Jerry Jones said, 'You know what? We're gonna take a pass. You know what? It's not worth it to us.' Jerry Jones said, 'We'd rather not have Reuben Foster in our building.' I mean, come on?" Aldridge said. "The standard is not that high to be as morally equal to Jerry Jones. That's not that much to ask of this franchise."

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