Bickel: Redskins locker room 'is a disaster'

Ben Krimmel
December 13, 2018 - 1:05 pm

The last few weeks the Washington Redskins' world has seemingly come apart at the seams.

"I've said it before, no team crumbles like my team crumbles," Eric Bickel said Thursday on 106.7 The Fan.

"And here we go, we've got all kinds of off the field stuff. The Mason Foster stuff I don't really care about, everybody in that building has privately complained to their friends or to their family," EB said. "But that's just the tip of the iceberg." 

EB rattles off the numerous Redskins defensive players who have been accused of talking out of turn: D.J. Swearinger, Josh Norman, and Zach Brown. (Bickel could have included running back Chris Thompson, as well.)

"That locker room is a disaster, especially on the defensive side of the ball," Bickel said.

Redskins reporter JP Finlay told The Sports Junkies the defense's performance has fallen apart as the locker room has become more volatile. 

"I've been saying for a couple of weeks that things were really getting volatile on the defensive side of the ball," Finlay said. "And you could almost see it unfold in that Giants game. As soon as (Mark) Sanchez threw the pick-6 it felt like the defense was like, 'Man, we don't have a chance out here. Why are we even out here?'"

"The 'Skins are a mess, they're a total mess," Finlay said. 

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