AUDIO: Blue Shorts has yet another birthday meltdown

Ben Krimmel
June 15, 2019 - 2:55 pm

106.7 The Fan

Some people have to make everything about themselves.

One of those people is Chris Lingebach, the senior writer and editor for 106.7 The Fan, also known as Blue Shorts. 

While usually this tends to alienate other people, since Shorts' birthday was coming up on Saturday, his coworkers decided on Friday, June 14 it would be OK to have just one day be all about Shorts.

Wow, isn't that nice? It was. But Shorts is bad at accepting attention.

"I regret this, how do we make this end?" Shorts said amidst the celebration.

“It was very traumatic,” he added afterward.

The backstory to this slightly overzealous celebration in 2019 is that last year, Blue Shorts felt his birthday was forgotten. And during his appearance on Chad Dukes' program on his birthday in 2018, he had a little hissy-fit. 

But this year would be different, right?

Nah. As even without the birthday slight from his coworkers to distract him, Shorts still got all disheveled and nearly missed his segment on CDVTW. 

This led to another Blue Shorts birthday meltdown recapped here on the Download.

It spawned much mockery. 

"I'm a weirdo," Shorts said later. "I don't know what I am, but I know I'm not completely of human orient."

Happy Bit Day, Shorts.

(Shorts' segment from this Friday's CDVTW show in full begins at 30:50)


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