Lafemina, other Redskins executives no longer with organization

Ben Krimmel
December 26, 2018 - 2:57 pm

Brian Lafemina and Dan Snyder talked for nearly a year before Snyder was able to lure Lafemina out of the NFL league office to be his President of Business Operations and COO. He is no longer with the organization as of Wednesday afternoon, fewer than eight months on the job. 

Lafemina, Steve Ziff, the Chief Marketing Officer, and Jake Bye the Senior VP of Consumer Sales and Marketing are all no longer with the organization, according to 106.7 The Fan Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman.

Redskins Chief Commercial Officer Todd Kline is also no longer with the organization, a source told 106.7 The Fan's Chris Russell.

All four of the executives joined the Redskins organization during 2018, with Lafemina joining in May 2018.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder hired Lafemina to a newly created role to oversee all of the team's business operations. A position that would "report directly" to Snyder.

“I am thrilled to welcome Brian to the Washington Redskins,” Snyder said at the time. “Brian has been one of the most highly regarded NFL executives amongst league ownership for many years because of his deep understanding of our business, his focus on partner relationships and his genuine belief that fans must be at the center of every decision we make. Brian is coming to Washington with fresh thinking and big ideas to implement, and I have full confidence that with Brian’s addition and with Bruce Allen continuing as team President, the Redskins’ success will continue to grow, both on and off the field.”

The Redskins turned down requests for interviews with Snyder or Allen. 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen cited a team statement that read: "We don’t discuss personnel matters."

After his hiring in May, Lafemina said he was excited to work with Snyder because of "his passion for the Redskins, the game of football and his deep commitment to the Washington, D.C. community."

"Working with Dan and Bruce to develop a new dynamic stadium that matches the vibrancy of this organization and its fan base will be an exciting challenge and one of our top priorities," Lafemina said. 

Lafemina was hired to help the Redskins reshape their public facing image, by reducing concession prices for season ticket holders and killing off the mythical season-ticket waitlist

"While we're talking about the fan experience, which is great, the main thing we want to do, we want to grab back the home-field advantage at FedEx Field," Lafemina told The Sports Junkies in August. "I've been to a lot of Redskins games over the last several years. I think that's something that maybe isn't as great as it can be."

In November, Lafemina sat for an interview with Hoffman and praised Snyder's role in the organization.

"I think Dan’s playing the role that he needs to play, which is hiring people who hopefully are going to do a great job," Lafemina said. "I look to make sure that I live up my end of that bargain and the people that I’ve hired since I’ve been here. Giving us the resources and giving us his blessing to do the things that need to be done."

"I’ve said this before – nobody wants to win more than Dan Snyder. It's been great working with him and for him. And he’s given me everything I could ask for to get this job done," Lafemina said. "I think from that standpoint, I couldn't’t ask for any more and I think our fans should recognize that as well. You can make it about me and the guys that I’ve hired all you want, but at the end of the day, the person who made that decision is the guy who owns the team."

Lafemina said he was working to get the Redskins "better at everything."

"We've got Steve Ziff, who's running marketing, we've got Todd Kline, who's our chief commercial officer," Lafemina said. "So we know that we have to get better in a lot of places and we're just methodically going about doing that."

Bye resigned from his position with the team Friday, Hoffman reported. The manner of the other departures is not yet publicly known.

In a final request to speak with Snyder or Allen about Wednesday's moves, a Redskins spokesman said, "They are not going to discuss this."

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