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Scott Brooks wants Wizards to embrace the deep ball

October 06, 2018 - 1:32 pm

By Ben Krimmel

Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks wants his team to change: Take more three-point shots and eliminate midrange jumpers. 

“I think last year, we averaged 35 (midrange shots). So, if we can get it down to 10, I don’t think that can happen, but 20 would be nice just to get it down," Brooks said this week

In Friday night's preseason win over the Miami Heat, Brooks' chargers attempted 39 three-pointers which accounted for 45 percent of all field goal attempts. Washington made just 12 of those three-pointers (30.8 percent) in a 121-114 win. 

“We’re emphasizing more 3s,” forward Markieff Morris said. “I think tonight, we really hit our mark of how many we wanna shoot.”

“I just want good 3s,” Brooks said via The Athletic. “I’m not just saying, jack up 3s just for the sake of us to become top 10 or top five in the league in attempts. We want good shots.”

But not everyone on the Wizards is sold on the change in thinking.

“I’m not really an analytical guy, so y’all asking the wrong dude,” Beal said to The Post. “I don’t give a damn about how many threes we put up. As long as we win the ballgame. If that’s what’s going to win ballgames, we’re going to do it but I just want to win games.”

How extreme has the NBA's obsession with eliminating inefficient mid-range jumpers? In a recent preseason game, the Houston Rockets' Carmelo Anthony created an open jumper just inside the three-point arc and apologized to his own bench as he ran down the court after making the two-point basket. 

Last season the Rockets averaged 42.32 three-point attempts per game, breaking the record for most in a season they set the previous season. The Wizards attempted just 26.5 during the 2017-18 season.  

This is basketball's version of that old Nike baseball commercial with Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux, with the great tagline "Chicks dig the long ball." For Brooks, it is time the Wizards took that advice to heart. 

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