Brad Marchand's tears bring Grant & Danny joy

Ben Krimmel
June 13, 2019 - 2:56 pm

The Washington Capitals reign as Stanley Cup champions came to an end Wednesday night when the St. Louis Blues hoisted the cup in Boston.

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And while the Blues winning is a nice story and congratulations to them on their first title, but the thing that made Grant & Danny truly happy on Thursday was a choked up Brad Marchand. 

"Boston's gonna have to settle for two titles in the last eight months. Sorry, you didn't get your third. If you're upset (about that) go to hell," Danny Rouhier said. "I love that Brad Marchand is not happy this morning."

It seems Rouhier's opinion of Marchand had not changed since he called him a "punk" in January and it did not change after he heard audio of Marchand nearly crying during a postgame scrum with reporters.

Grant Paulsen had a theory as to why Marchand was really upset. "You know what he's sad about... he didn't get to lick any faces last night," Paulsen said.

"He wasn't able to sleuth anybody and knock them to the ice. He didn't punch anybody in the back of the head when refs weren't looking. 'It's just really hard because I had to go 60 minutes and I didn't get to be the biggest punk on the face of the planet,'" he added.

Paulsen and Rouhier come to the conclusion that if you could put Marchand's sadness into a bottle, they would drink it every day. 

"Brad Marchand's sadness bottled," Rouhier said. "I would chug it."

"Is this the Brad Marchand sadness lotion? I would rub it on my skin even if it smells like skunk and sulfur," he said.  

Grant & Danny weren't the only ones in D.C. excited for the Bruins defeat: Wizards forward and St. Louis native Bradley Beal joined the party, too.

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