Russell: Bruce Allen has 'won the war'

Ben Krimmel
December 28, 2018 - 5:23 pm

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Allen will remain in his position as Redskins team president baring a major change of heart from owner Daniel Snyder, Chris Russell said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

Russell said the ousting of Brian Lafemina and three other business side executives doesn't have a major impact on football operations, but it is indicative of who is in control of the Redskins franchise.

"We know that the fan base is fractured, we know that the relationship (between the team and the fans) was fractured, and Lafemina and his crew came in to repair that," Russell said. 

Russell said Lafemina's ouster from the organization represents Bruce Allen consolidating his power. 

"Lafemina's departure reinforces that now Bruce Allen has won the war," Russell said on Grant & Danny. "And he is staying, not only as president of the entire team, but more importantly, president of football operations barring some sort of, again, last-minute change of heart."  

Allen winning the war is not good news for Redskins fans that are looking for major changes to the way the organization operates on and off the field, Russell said.

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