Heist: Flacco was Redskins' first choice at quarterback

Ben Krimmel
February 21, 2019 - 10:38 am
Joe Flacco was the Redskins No. 1 choice for quarterback.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Little is known about the Washington Redskins quarterback situation other than the obvious: They are in desperate need of a viable, healthy long-term option under center. 

With Alex Smith likely sidelined for the 2019 season, Colt McCoy coming off a broken leg, and Josh Johnson unproven and underwhelming, many expect the Redskins to draft a quarterback. But that might not have been the team's top choice.

According to Craig HeistJoe Flacco was the Redskins' first choice before the Baltimore Ravens agreed to trade him to the Denver Broncos for a mid-round draft pick.

"Sources have told me, that was their first choice," Heist reported on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday. "I was told that that was their No. 1 target."

"The Redskins would have liked to have had Joe Flacco," Heist said. 

Speculation about Flacco joining the Redskins was popular during the 2018 offseason and it was reported the Redskins were interested after the trade was announced, but the level of the Redskins' interest in acquiring Flacco was previously unknown.

While some argued the Redskins dodged a bullet with Flacco going to the Broncos, the fact the Redskins rated Flacco as highly as they did raises many questions about the team's offseason plans.

What made them interested in Flacco? Who in the organization wanted him? And why? 

Can the Redskins even make it work financially to sign a quarterback?

After failing to acquire Flacco, where do they go now? Are they still interested in signing a veteran QB? 

Does this mean they aren't interested in drafting a quarterback with the 15th overall pick in the NFL Draft? Are they not interested in drafting one at all in 2019? 

If they sign a veteran QB, are they trying to compete next season? What is the plan for the franchise?

Would singing a veteran quarterback mean the jobs of head coach Jay Gruden and team president Bruce Allen are safe? 

And who is pulling the strings in the organization? Is this another move by owner Daniel Snyder?

There is still so much unknown.

But with millions in cap space tied up by Smith's contract, the Redskins have limited space to address their numerous roster needs and there's no simple solution to the organization's complex problems.

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