SNIDER: Does Flacco trade benefit Redskins?

Rick Snider
February 14, 2019 - 2:30 pm
Ravens traded Joe Flacco to the Broncos, does that help the Redskins?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco is out and Kyler Murray is in as the Washington Redskins’ quarterback quest begins to spin with expectations.

Baltimore traded Flacco to Denver on Wednesday. While Flacco was on the lengthy Twitter wish list by Washington fans, it was never realistic. Flacco makes more than the Redskins can afford given injured QB Alex Smith’s $20.4 million remains on the books. Washington might look for a journeyman costing more like $7 million, but that’s not a given.

Flacco to Denver could help the Redskins in the draft, though. At No. 10, Denver probably won’t select a quarterback now with Flacco on board. That means roughly three teams – New York Giants (sixth), Jacksonville (seventh), and Miami (13th) – are looking for a passer ahead of Washington’s 15th pick.

Oh, Oakland (fourth) or Cincinnati (11th) might unexpectedly opt for one and there’s always a chance some team trades up into the top 14 for a quarterback.

But there are four quarterbacks that interest NFL teams this year so Washington could get one. But which one?

New York may choose Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, with Jacksonville following with Missouri’s Drew Lock, and Miami taking Duke’s Daniel Jones, who Washington has been watching with interest recently.

Had the Broncos not traded for Flacco, they might have taken the final passer rated worthy of a first-round selection. Now, Murray could be available for the Redskins to select. A lot of fans would rejoice at getting the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma in the first round.

But, there are some red flags. No. 1 is size. Murray looks more like a second baseman at supposedly 5-feet-10, 195 pounds. And those numbers appear ambitious. He’ll be measured at the NFL Combine on Feb. 28 and then we’ll know how much of a risk drafting him becomes.

Murray’s decision to forgo Major League Baseball for the NFL draft on April 25 has some forecasters taking him more seriously. Suddenly, he’s being touted as a top-10 pick, leaving a different quarterback to the Redskins.

Nothing rises quicker in the draft than quarterbacks. The Combine will provide everything for teams to decide whether he’s worth it. Whether Murray really wants to play football and not have baseball as a Plan B should the first couple years be tough may come out during team interviews. Murray’s recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show was a mental meltdown that teams should really ponder before committing millions of dollars to Murray.

Ultimately, Flacco’s trade scrambles the board a touch. The Redskins need to expand their search because a quarterback may be sorely needed, but not necessarily be a first-round fit.

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