Moss: Dwayne Haskins 'giving himself a chance to be dominant'

Chris Lingebach
June 04, 2020 - 4:55 pm

When Santana Moss see the offseason workout videos of Dwayne Haskins, depicting his dramatic physical transformation, he sees a quarterback "giving himself a chance to be dominant."

In a 106.7 The Fan appearance Wednesday, Moss was asked about the Redskins seemingly not giving Haskins the tools he needs to be successful in 2020. Notably, Washington failed to land a top-notch tight end or wide receiver this offseason.

And that's not even to mention the truncated offseason due to COVID-19, preventing Haskins from receiving that personal touch he needs from coaches to absorb his second NFL offense in as many seasons. Moss isn't deterred by these abnormalities.

"I'm gonna say this, and I hope he gets this message, already I see this guy is working on him having a stellar season," Moss told Chad Dukes. "When you look at the body of work he's been putting into his game already while we've been in this pandemic...

"I looked at Haskins coming out of the draft last year and I immediately saw the guy had a lot of – you can say, because he still was in college – baby fat on him. And to see the body, how he's transformed, I've already seen it."

"So when a guy transforms himself, and the way he looks right now – I follow him on Instagram; I've been seeing the pictures people been putting up, videos of him throwing the ball – he looks phenomenal," Moss continued. "And I've been in those shoes before, where I had to transform and get myself out of that mode that I was in, because of whatever I was going through in my time, and get back into that playing shape."

The Redskins not acquiring any proven receiving threats leads Moss to believe Ron Rivera and company may have something hidden up their sleeves.

"Already, alone, he's giving himself a chance to be dominant," he said. "Now, when it comes to who he has around him, true, we would want to see these guys go after one of these stellar tight ends that we know that could probably make a big difference."

"To me, them not going after (one) leads me to believe that they have something going on, something brewing with some of those receivers, that they're gonna do something a little differently," he continued. "I don't know. I'm just saying that's what I'm thinking, because I see how people play chess sometimes, and sometimes there's always another move that you didn't expect that they have already in house. So I think they have something planned for the guys that they have that's going to allow them to not have to lean so much on a tight end.

"They have enough in there that they probably say, 'Hey, we can use this guy as an every-down tight end, because he can block and catch. Now we will add one, if we need one, that can be the Jordan Reed of our offense.' I'm just looking forward to whatever they might do, because I see Haskins doing what he's doing to help himself get better."

"And remember," Moss added, "this guy's coming in with a different chip on his shoulder. He's coming in with saying, 'Even what I showed you guys last year, under all the things that we went through, I'm still not getting no credit that I can be the guy of this team.'

"He's not saying that, but to me, I feel it from him just how he's going about his business and I just want to tell him, man, keep doing what he's doing. I'm in his corner and I want to see him go out there and do great things, and I know he has that plan. He has that in store."