Feinstein: 'Dan Snyder has no conscience'

Ben Krimmel
November 30, 2018 - 9:50 am

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins decision to claim problematic linebacker Reuben Foster off waivers is another example of how little the organization cares about their public persona, John Feinstein said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

"It just boggles my mind how little Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen care about their team's public persona and about the notion of trying to do the right thing," Feinstein told The Sports Junkies. "I mean, you wanna win football games, obviously. I get that part. But there's a reason why the 49ers waived the guy, there's a reason why every other team in the league passed on him on waivers, and it's not like this team has had a sterling reputation in the public eye since Snyder bought it almost 20 years ago."

"You guys know Dan Snyder has no conscience, this is nothing new," Feinstein said. "And Bruce Allen is his No. 1 lieutenant because he has no conscience."

Feinstein says the Redskins knew Foster wouldn't be available this season after being placed on the NFL's Commissioner Exempt List and Washington would spend the offseason attempting to help Foster and rehabilitate his image.

"It's not a good look, to put it mildly," Feinstein said, "but it's not atypical of Snyder." 

Of course, the Redskins aren't the only team to employ a player who has legal issues or accusations or convictions of domestic violence. Feinstein notes this is the win-at-all-cost nature of the NFL where morals often take a backseat in personnel decisions.

"They don't care, if you can play. If you can play," Feinstein said. "If you stage a protest because of something you think is wrong in our country, they care. But if you beat up a woman and you can play, come on ahead."

SNIDER: Redskins blow it by claiming Foster

The Junkies' Jason Bishop asked Feinstein what if the latest allegations against Foster turn out to be unfounded?

Feinstein countered by questioning Foster's judgment, after he continued to keep the company of a person who has previously made allegations of abuse against him, as reason against claiming Foster.

"Given this guy's track record – his track record isn't just in domestic abuse, "Feinstein said. "He got sent home from the combine, he was arrested on marijuana possession, he had a plea down on another charge, I think it was carrying an assault weapon. I mean this guy has been in and out of trouble on plenty of occasions regardless of whether he's been accused of domestic abuse."

"But you add that on, I wouldn't touch him," Feinstein said. "The point is there's a pattern."

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