Frustrated Wall, Beal disappointed in Wizards teammates

Ben Krimmel
October 27, 2018 - 10:45 am

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Wizards very bad, no good start to the season continued in Sacramento, where the only thing that eclipsed the number of turnovers they committed, 21, was the number of three-point attempts they missed, 28. 

After shooting a franchise high 42 threes in their 116-112 loss to the Kings, some simmering frustrations arrived at the surface from key players on the 1-4 Wizards.

Point guard John Wall told the media after the game that some players were more concerned about their own offense than the team's defense. 

"We got guys who's worried about who's getting shots, where the ball is going on the offensive end," Wall said. "We should never worry about that. No matter if we're missing or making shots, we got to be able to compete on the other end and if you can't do it on both ends of the floor, you don't need to be playing."

"Everybody on their own agenda and we showed glimpses when we do stuff as a team, we show how good we can be and then we go back to trying to do it individually and that's mostly on the defensive end," Wall said. "Not helping each other out, not team rebounding and that's what's killing us."

Wall was joined in his displeasure by guard Bradley Beal.

"Sometimes we have our own agendas on the floor whether it's complaining about shots, complaining about playing time, complaining about whatever it may be," Beal said. "We're worried about the wrong s--- and that's not where our focus needs to be and it's just going to continue to hurt us."

Markieff Morris echoed Wall and Beal and told The Athletic the Wizards need to meet higher standards.  

“We’re 1-4 and everybody expects us — hey, we expect us to be better,” Morris said. “But we have some things that we gotta figure out, like who’s gonna sacrifice shooting the ball and be a defensive player. And we’re gonna see who’s gonna sacrifice and help us win.”

While the players didn't name any names, coach Scott Brooks comments offered a hint as to who the players may have been talking about.

"I like the way Kelly (Oubre)’s playing” Brooks said, before adding: "Otto (Porter), he has to just keep playing and can’t worry about your shots and worry about your shot-making, but Kelly is playing well.”

Porter played just 22 minutes in Friday's game and went just two-of-six from the field, making just one of his four attempts from deep. (Oubre, to his credit, scored 22 points in 29 minutes off the bench with an efficient eight-for-13 from the floor.)

“The thing that I didn't anticipate that we would shoot the ball so poorly from three,” Brooks said. “We have guys that can shoot the ball well that are not shooting the ball well right now. So hopefully that all evens out.”

Wall denied that his shooting woes, three-for-23 from beyond the arc on the season, is the result of him being out of shape.

“I’m in shape. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do but some days are going to be good, some days are going to be bad,” Wall said. “Sometimes you get off to a great start shooting the ball, sometimes you don’t.”

For the Wizards: Five games down, 77 to go.

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