Grant & Danny: Snyder should apologize to fans

Ben Krimmel
January 18, 2019 - 2:09 pm

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins fans don't usually hear from the leaders of the organization they support.

Owner Daniel Snyder hasn't spoken to the media in some time and neither has Bruce Allen, who is still the team president and, after a promotion, will have an expanded role overseeing the business side of the organization.

But there is a new quote from Snyder floating around: The Redskins owner thanked the builders of his new superyacht.  

In a quote on the Feadship website, Snyder said, "We would like to thank Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl and everyone at the yard for taking us on such an amazing journey.” (The quote was unattributed, but the Guardian has reported Snyder is the source.)

On 106.7 The Fan, Danny Rouhier wasn't too pleased with Snyder continually avoiding the media and the fans. 

"I'd like a public comment. I'd like an explanation. You can have a yacht and explain what the bleep is going on (with the Redskins)," Rouhier said Friday on Grant & Danny.

"Snyder can thank the yacht builders, but he can't talk to Redskins fans about why his team sucks. Can't talk to Redskins fans about Brain Lafemina being fired or the other person they trotted out to be a savior, but he can thank Feadship for his $100 million yacht​ off the back's of Redskins fans," Rouhier said. "It just looks great and feels great, doesn't it? Isn't it a great time to be a Redskins fan, everybody?"

"Oh, it's a disaster. Fans have cared less than they ever have, but he's got a new yacht. He's got an new yacht with an Imax screen," Rouhier said. 

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Grant Paulsen wants Snyder to speak, but cautioned when Snyder was a more vocal owner, he was often criticized for being too involved.

"Owners are not necessarily required to speak, they're not necessarily, I wouldn't even say, supposed to speak," Paulsen said. "It would be nice because of how bad things are getting to at least know why are you employing Bruce Allen."

"But again, the guy that should be speaking is Bruce, that's why he's here," Paulsen said. 

Rouhier said all he wants is to hear from somebody.

"I want somewhere somehow to hear a mea culpa. I need an apology," Rouhier said. "I want to hear, 'Yes, this is on fire. Yup, everything is rotten. Yup, everything is as bad as you guys think it is and we're gonna fix it. We're gonna try.'"

"I need to hear that more than anything else," Rouhier said. 

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