Grant & Danny: Front office dysfunction handcuffing Redskins

Ben Krimmel
November 30, 2018 - 1:24 pm

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dysfunction and mismanagement inside the organization has kept the Redskins from moving past the addition of troubled linebacker Reuben Foster, Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier argued on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

"I thought by now we would not be talking Reuben Foster and the Redskins anymore," Paulsen said. 

"The cycle is perpetuating here a little bit," Rouhier said, "because of how the Redskins are handling this."

Claiming Foster could be defended for football reasons, but multiple mistakes by the team have made the Redskins organization the main focus. 

Washington has failed to weather the PR storm because there have been multiple people speaking on behalf of the franchise rather than a single point person. 

After claiming Foster Tuesday, no member of the team's front office was made available for comment and the team released only a statement from Senior VP of Player Personnel Doug Williams. On Wednesday it was head coach Jay Gruden explaining the franchise's decision. A member of the front office didn't speak to the public until Thursday when Williams sat for an interview with WTEM. And that interview went poorly.

"This is the third time now this calender year that (Doug Williams) has done some kind of interview and inserted his foot deep into the back of his mouth," Paulsen said.

During the interview, Williams said a number of troubling things:

“We’ve got people who are in high, high, high, high places that have done far worse, and if you look at it realistically, they’re still up there. This is small potatoes (compared to) a lot of things out there. But at the same time it’s a big issue in America today, whether or not it’s in football, whether or not it’s in everyday life, whether or not it’s in politics, it’s out there.”

Claiming the allegations of domestic violence against Foster are "small potatoes" is the opposite of the message the Redskins should be sending right now, Paulsen said. 

"How is everyone not on the same page, with the same branding, the same messaging?" Paulsen said. "I texted with someone in the front office last night and they said, 'This isn't a message we want out there. This is how we feel: It's a huge deal. It's a problem.''"

"But this is what happens, often times, when Doug Williams, who is raw and somewhat unfiltered, goes on the air," Paulsen said.

Rouhier said this mess by the Redskins is evidence of organizational dysfunction.

"The Redskins under Dan Snyder's leadership have never once had the correct process. We should never forget that," Rouhier said. "All the discussion we have everyday, and I do this I'm guilty of it, we're just hamsters spinning a wheel hoping to get to mars. It's dumb. Because they don't have the correct process. This is what happens when you have the seeking of credit behind the scenes for mediocrity, when you want the credit but not the blame."

"The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing," Rouhier said.

SNIDER: Redskins blow it by claiming Foster

Without a properly functioning organization, the Redskins have botched a delicate situation and not for the first time.

"This feels like so many of the other botched situations in the past, most notably (Scot) McCloughan​," Paulsen said. "It's embarrassing. For the fans that are listening right now ... it is 'same-old Redskins.'" 

"Where is Bruce Allen right now? Where is he? He's the team president," Paulsen said.

Rouhier said Allen is "hiding because he's afraid criticism."

Update: After publication on Friday, Doug Williams apologized for his comments on the radio Thursday. 

"I want to apologize to the organization, my wife, my mom, my sisters and the six daughters," Williams said. "The last night or so (has) been real tough on me from an emotional standpoint, because never in my life did I say anything so insensitive as (what) I said. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses because there is no excuse."

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