Grant Paulsen bets his hair on Browns' draft

Brian Tinsman
April 21, 2018 - 12:13 am

The Cleveland Browns are desperate to land a franchise quarterback. They have two picks in the top four draft spots and have reportedly at least discussed the idea of taking two quarterbacks with those two picks.

106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen is willing to bet his hair follicles that Scot McCloughan and Co. in Cleveland would never do something so foolish.

The silver lining for Paulsen is that his coworker could have made the bet much worse for him.

"I'm not going to pull a Chris Russell and tell you that I will walk several miles if they do this," Paulsen told Danny Rouhier and listeners on Thursday. "But I will tell you there's pretty much nothing I wouldn't agree to right now that the Browns won't take two quarterbacks in the top-five.

"I will do anything you want. I would shave my head, to be honest...I'm gonna be so mad if this happens."

Paulsen was adamant that this bet could not be expanded to include if the Browns take two quarterbacks in the draft. That isn't an outrageous move, as the Redskins have successfully done twice, including in the 2012 draft with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.

This bet is only valid if they don't trade around and take a quarterback at No. 1 and at No. 4.

"For the record," Paulsen said, "I'm putting a lot of stock in the Cleveland Browns."

"--It's more than they deserve," said programming director Chris Kinard.

"Because my logic here is very sound: no team would ever do that," Paulsen continued. "So why am I actually nervous about this?"

Rouhier quickly responded: "Because it's the Browns!"


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