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Report: Norman benched over halftime headphones dispute

October 13, 2018 - 10:22 am

By Ben Krimmel

The key to being a good NFL defender is the ability to tune out the noise. Evidently, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman interprets "the noise" to mean his head coach. 

According to a report from Kevin Sheehan, Norman was benched to start the second half of Monday night's Redskins loss in New Orleans because he refused to take off his headphones at halftime, not because of his poor performance on the field.

"At halftime, according to my source, he put his headphones on while the coaches were addressing the team," Sheehan said on the Kevin Sheehan Show podcast. "Jay Gruden told him to take them off. He either didn't hear Jay or he ignored him, but with that, I was told, the headphones were removed."

Who took off the headphones? Sheehan's source wasn't sure, but "believes it was Gruden who removed" them.

"But regardless, Gruden benched him to start the third quarter, and that was the reason why," Sheehan said.

"My source also tells me that there is not a lot of good vibes when it comes to Norman among several of the coaches right now," Sheehan said. "Not much they can do about it. They're hopeful he begins to play better. they're hopeful that he acts professionally the rest of the year."

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