JUNKIES: Is Cakes faking his confidence in the Caps?

Ben Krimmel
April 19, 2019 - 2:33 pm

Well, Caps fans: Are you panicking?

Should you be worried? Should you be panicked about the Washington Capitals after they suffered back-to-back defeats at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes?

Or did the Stanley Cup win a year ago grant you a few moments of calm?

"I'm free-rolling from last year," John "Cakes" Auville said Friday. "I'm totally free-rolling."

But is The Sports Junkies host telling the truth? Is Cakes actually confident?

"You're more panicked than you're letting on," Eric Bickel said.

And if Auville is a little panicked, he wouldn't be alone among Caps fans.

At least, EB is able to admit his level of concern.

Friday morning Auville still claims he is between a three and a four on the panic meter. But his performance would indicate this is not true.

After shouting about getting out of the first-round, EB noted Cakes is "in a full-blown panic."

"You're the definition of denial," J.P. Flaim added.

It seems Cakes is not so much panicked, but annoyed at the "chicken counters" who are looking past the Hurricanes after tough Eastern Conference foes in the Penguins and Lightning were eliminated.

"Here's my advice to everyone following the Caps," he said. "Don't worry about all the other matchups. Don't worry about, 'Well, everything's really setting up really great for the Caps." 

"I am not taking anything for granted, just want to beat the Canes, and hopefully advance," Cakes said.

We'll let you decide. Is Cakes actually calm, cool, and collected about the Caps? Or is he panicking like crazy?

"I'm not panicked," Cakes concluded.

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