La Canfora: Firing Jay Gruden would be 'counterintuitive'

Josh Luckenbaugh
December 19, 2018 - 8:29 am

With the strong possibility the Redskins miss the playoffs for the fourth time in Jay Gruden's five seasons as head coach, many have called for him to lose his job at the end of the season.

However, given the drama and injuries he's had to deal with this season, plus the lack of better options, Jason La Canfora believes Washington should stick with Gruden. 

"If you fire Jay, and you do it now, that to me is sort of counterintuitive," La Canfora told The Sports Junkies Wednesday. "He's never really had less to work with, yet they're still mathematically alive at Christmas."

"Their roster has been destroyed by injury, and you've had all these distractions, all these self-inflicted wounds from people above him, through Reuben Foster and just the litany of madness that goes on there." 

"Who are you gonna get? This is gonna be a crazy head coaching search process," La Canfora continued. "You're gonna have eight or nine teams looking for coaches. It's a time when the group of candidates is really barren, it's bone-dry. Teams are coming up with names, but they're really having to stretch to do it, and this would be one of the least attractive jobs."

"Who's coming there saying, 'Ok well, wait a minute. Nobody's ever won with Dan, and we might owe $54 million to a quarterback who might not ever be able to play again, and we don't have a clear path to getting a quarterback. And look at the state of this roster, who are our skill players?' I mean, good luck."

But La Canfora was very clear who within the organization should be shown the door.

"You have to fire Bruce! You've got throw the fans a bone and fire Bruce," La Canfora exclaimed. "Shift the paradigm in the front office, and give people something they can believe in long-term." 

That said, Dan Snyder doesn't respond well to criticism, especially criticism directed at him or those in his inner circle like Bruce Allen, La Canfora explained. 

"He doesn't want to give in to the people who 'keep ripping me, who won't treat me fairly. Everybody's out to get me, I'll show them' kind of thing," he told the Junkies.

"And then it turns into a vicious cycle, where you keep a Vinny Cerrato way longer than you should have. In this case, you keep a Bruce Allen way longer than you should have, because he prides loyalty above all else."

"It might be reverse psychology time. There should be a petition to give Bruce Allen a lifetime contract, and then maybe he'll do the right thing," La Canfora joked.

At this point, no one should put it past Redskins fans. 

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