Gibbs praises Redskins front office and says injuries cost team playoffs

Ben Krimmel
February 01, 2019 - 12:25 pm

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Former Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs called the Redskins "the greatest sports franchise in the world," had praise for owner Daniel Snyder, and said they are building a good team, but had opportunities taken away by injuries on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

"I think they did an excellent job last year, front office, and everything," Gibbs said on Grant & Danny. "I think signing Alex Smith was something they needed to do."

"I feel like that we had a chance, and I think a very good chance, to make the playoffs," Gibbs said.

The Hall of Fame coach had one reason to blame for the Skins coming up short: injuries.

"What's happened to the Redskins the last two years, it's hard for me to understand or explain, that many injuries," Gibbs said Friday. "Who would think that you could get two quarterbacks with broken bones in their legs? I mean that's just... The whole offensive line everything that happened to us there. So I feel bad for Jay (Gruden) and kinda everything that happened."

"But I really felt like they made good decisions last year and I felt like that we were gonna be, for sure, playoff headed," Gibbs said. "It just got taken away from us with injuries." 

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When asked about the state of Redskins fandom, Gibbs said the fan base will bounce back when the play on the field does. 

"What's happened, we've been through a long journey here of not having teams that get deep into the playoffs. And when that happens, I think, fans do get frustrated. And that's anyplace in the NFL," Gibbs said. "And I think all we need to do is get a resurgence here, win some games, get deep into the playoffs." 

"Our fan base there, there is no fan base like them. That fan base is awesome," Gibbs said. "That fan base is battle tested. Now, they get frustrated. Any fan base will, but I think all we gotta do is bounce back with a good couple of years here and you'll see that fan base back in the stadium." 

"Season tickets, if you can get a chance to get one, get it," he said.

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Gibbs had praise for Snyder, who has owned the Redskins since 1999 and brought Gibbs back for a second stint as head coach in 2004, but ruled out ever returning to the Redskins in a football role.

"When I was there, I said to everybody, he did every single thing he could as an owner and when I lost games there, coaching games, it was my fault. Not his. He did everything," Gibbs said.

"He was after it," Gibbs said of Snyder. "He somebody that will spend anything, do anything, support every single thing the Redskins did."

While Gibbs is optimistic about the Redskins future prospects, many issues, most notably the quarterback situation and Alex Smith's health, loom large.

"The quarterback situation is always huge for any NFL team, but I really think that, our group there, I think Jay's done an excellent job and I think we just had a tough time overcoming injuries the last couple of years," Gibbs said. 

Gibbs called the QB situation the "biggest decision" facing the franchise, but refused to put himself in a position to tell Redskins president Bruce Allen or the team's personnel department what to do.

"They'll make a good decision," he said. "If (Smith's) not available, then I think there's gonna be a major decision on what we're gonna do at quarterback."

"I think we got team there," Gibbs said. "It's just things haven't gone our way."


Gibbs also spoke about his son J.D. Gibbs, who died earlier this year after a battle with a degenerative neurological disease at the age of 49.

"We had a special service last Friday," Gibbs said. "And most people that watched it... came out of it saying, 'I need to be a better person. And it's life changing.'"

The service can be seen at, which also has information on the fund Gibbs established in his son's memory.

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