Crazy, stupid, or cool? Junkies debate Norman jumping over bull

Ben Krimmel
July 12, 2019 - 1:12 pm

Most fun things in life fall into either one of three categories: Crazy, stupid, or cool?

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Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman's decision to run with the bulls in Pamplona during the San Fermin Running of the Bulls festival could be all of the above.

"I think it's mostly cool," The Sports Junkies' J.P. Flaim said Friday. "I'm more of a proponent of letting guys live their lives. They wanna play some pick-up hoops, yes, there is risk as an organization and every once in a while they're gonna get burned by a guy getting hurt in the offseason doing something that maybe somebody like Cakes would put on a contract to not allow.

WATCH: Josh Norman jumps over a bull in Spain

"But I'm gonna let my guys 3-on-3 hoops, I'm gonna let my guys go skiing. Now, if they get hurt then that's on them and they're gonna lose their pay, but, like, what are the chances?"

Well, when running with the bulls, there are thousands of runners and only about a hundred or so injuries. But running the streets of Pamplona, Spain in the second week of July is much different than getting in a half-court game of hoops at an open gym in La Plata, Maryland.

"It entails risk, it is an unnecessary risk," John "Cakes" Auville responded. "There's plenty of time to do that after your NFL career is done. An NFL career is fleeting." 

In addition to running and jumping over bulls, Norman posted an Instagram video which shows him laying down as a bull runs into the ring and leaps over him, a common thrill-seeking maneuver at the festival.

"That's pretty cool, though," The Junks' Jason Bishop said.

Chasing Norman on Wednesday's run were six bulls -- and a heard of six oxen who lead the bulls through the course -- from the Jandilla bull-ranch which is known for being rather fierce. However, there were no gorings and only minor injuries suffered that day.

On Friday morning one man was gored and four others were sent to the hospital during the two minutes and 18 seconds to complete the 957-yard run. Some seventy people have been treated by medics on the streets of Pamplona thus far, with another seven or so having been hospitalized. 

Well, crazy, stupid or cool of Norman?

"It's cool because he didn't get hurt but if I were the Redskins I would be beside myself that one of the guys that I'm paying the most... heading into the season is over in Pamplona risking his health by jumping over a tiny bull," Cakes said. "I would be upset if I were Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen."

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