LISTEN: Awadd's magnificent 'misogyny' blunder

Chris Lingebach
July 23, 2018 - 9:50 am
Adam_Epstein_Voice_Of_The_ Millennials

Twitter: @GriffEpstein


Adam Epstein – the self-appointed 'voice of the millennials – gleefully informed The Junkies on Monday "the whole misogyny thing" he has going for him is really taking off.

Awadd: The voice of the millennials thing is taking off. Like, the whole misogyny thing that I have going with that.

EB: What do you think misogyny means?

Awadd: Like an image.

As my colleague Tom Daly points out, Awadd is the only person to ever admit he's a misogynist.

If this is the voice of the millennials, we're all screwed.

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