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Foster takes responsibility for leaked messages

December 14, 2018 - 3:45 pm

By Craig Hoffman

Mason Foster confirmed and added details about his leaked Instagram messages Friday. It was the first time Foster addressed reporters about the messages, however he initially told The Fan about the leaked messages two days earlier.

"F**k this team and this fan base," Foster said in a message he says was intended for a close friend, but instead was sent to a fan. "Yeah and I'm not f***in wit it or being a scape goat to make fans feel better about all these big money ppl who ain't playin or getting dogged out."

However, a second set of leaked messages came out a day later, including one using a homophobic slur. The Fan obtained screenshots of those messages earlier in the week, but made the decision not to publish them as they could not be authenticated. When the first set of leaks emerged publicly (which The Fan also obtained before they became public), we reached out to Foster.

Foster explained he had not been on social media since after the Redskins' Monday night loss to the Eagles and his family members were running his account. That was consistent with a conversation with Foster earlier in the week – before the messages leaked – in which Foster said he had taken himself off of social media.

When approached by The Fan on Wednesday about both sets of screenshots after the first set was made public, Foster confirmed the initial messages were sent by him and revealed the second set were from his cousin. When asked Friday if that text exchange with The Fan was the first time he heard about the second set of leaked messages, which included the homophobic slur, Foster said it was.

“I had no idea until you told me,” Foster said. “(My cousin) had been calling me all day. I hadn’t picked up.”

Both Foster and his cousin put out statements earlier in the week which said the messages – including the slur – were typed by his cousin. The messages were in response to fans talking about Foster’s family and Foster said his cousin responded in an unacceptable manner. The only reason Foster gave his cousin access to his account in the first place was to promote Foster’s My Cause, My Cleats initiative. 

“That’s not the way we were raised,” Foster said of the slur his cousin used. “I feel terrible. I don’t talk like that. He doesn’t talk like that. He got caught up in it. He feels terrible. He’s been calling me all day, and it’s something that me and him have to work through and get back on good terms. I was upset. I don’t feel like that towards anybody.”

While expressing anger and disappointment with his cousin, Foster also took ownership as he gave his cousin access to his account.

“It came from my account, no matter who was running it, but it’s nothing I believe in and I would never preach hate,” Foster said. 

Foster went on to say his entire family has been communicating with him, including his parents. He also has young children that he wants to teach to be better.

“We have a lot of people in our family that are different…and are gay,” Foster said. “It’s just something that I don’t want people to think is okay. I feel like I want to lead by example. I have two little boys of my own, and I never want them think it’s okay to match hate with hate or say something back to somebody like that. You’ve gotta be the bigger person. He (Foster’s cousin) wasn’t. In the first situation, I wasn’t in responding to someone that I thought was someone else, but you still don’t do that stuff on the internet.”

Foster did take direct responsibility for the first message, saying while everyone has expressed frustration about a job, there’s no excuse for doing so in the manner he did. He also said the conversations were not presented in full.

“I thought I was talking to somebody else, and it ended up being someone who was looking to delete half of what they said and paint me in a certain light.” Foster said about the comments he made about the fan base and the team. “But I feel bad about it. My teammates know that’s not how I feel about ‘em.”

Foster also directly addressed a question about the fans. 

“I love the fan base. That’s one of the reasons I came back here,” Foster said. “It was said out of frustration…but people know I love these fans out here. I love seeing the little kids with the jerseys on. Sayin what’s up to them. Taking pictures with them. I’ll always make time for the fans no matter what – win, lose or draw.”

Foster says he’s sat down with his teammates and told them that he loves them and they said he loves them back. “It’s just something I’m going to have to continue to deal with and just try to earn everyone’s respect back.”

Craig Hoffman is the Redskins beat reporter for 106.7 the Fan. Follow him on Twitter.