Mike Jones: Bruce Allen is master at 'finding a scapegoat'

Ben Krimmel
December 14, 2018 - 11:13 am

Don't be surprised if Bruce Allen remains in his job as team president because he is a master of "finding a scapegoat," USA Today NFL reporter Mike Jones said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

"There should be moves, but talking to people in the last several days, I kinda feel like it's not gonna (happen)," Jones told The Sports Junkies. "They have all the excuses."

"Bruce (Allen) is the master of selling hope or pinpointing, finding a scapegoat," Jones said. "Dan (Snyder) trusts so few people in the league, if he fires Bruce who's he going to turn to?"

This year, Allen could sell owner Daniel Snyder on the fact that injuries derailed the Skins season after a 6-3 start had them contending for the NFC East crown, Jones said.

Eric Bickel doesn't think the Redskins fan base would be too happy with the Redskins making no changes this offseason.

"OK, Bruce is one thing, but if they keep Bruce, keep Jay (Gruden), keep (defensive coordinator Greg) Manusky, keep everybody!" Bickel said. "I don't see how the fan base tolerates that."

Jones said there will be some type of firing by the Redskins, but based on the past Allen has always remained in place.

"Look at the history, Bruce has always had some type of scapegoat. It was (Mike) Shanahan, it was (Jim) Haslett, it was (Scot) McCloughan, it was the strength coach," Jones said. "They've always had something that they'll blame."

"Who knows who (Allen) will blame about the lack of attendance and everything," Jones said.

Jones continued to pour water on those calling for Allen to lose his job.

"Even though there should be a change, because nothing (Allen has done) has really worked out," Jones said. "But I wouldn't be surprised if they stick with it."

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