'Millennial Fight': Scott Brooks coins new term

Brian Tinsman
April 22, 2018 - 10:51 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Scott Brooks played in the NBA in the 1990s, when men were men and fights were real; not just some schoolyard shoving match.

Back in his day, if you didn't like someone, you could brawl about it right there on the court and not even get ejected.

That's what happened in the 1992-93 playoffs when a younger, scrappier Brooks was blanketing a younger, feistier Nate McMillian of the Seattle SuperSonics.

With cameras rolling from KSTW-TV videographer Scott Blatman, an all-out war was started that spilled into the media section:

Now THAT is what real fights look like.

This Game 3 fight between the Washington Wizards' Markieff Morris and the Toronto Raptors' Ogugua "OG" Anunoby hardly qualifies:

“I think that’s the way we need to go: be physical with these guys,” Morris proudly told the media after the game. “Nothing free.”

Not free and actually quite expensive. Morris was fined $25,000 for escalating the skirmish and shoving an official.

Asked how he perceived the fight, Brooks seemed mighty unimpressed.

"I don't know if that would be considered a fight when I played," Brooks said. "It was maybe a modern-day millennial fight."

Take that, whippersnappers!

In fairness, if Morris had escalated to Brooksian levels, he would have been ejected for the second time this month, fined a lot more, and likely suspended when his team needs him most.

It may not have been a scuffle that his coach can be proud of, but it is a bit of restraint that the team really needed.


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