T-shirts made for 'Cabbage Smashing Nats'

Ben Krimmel
April 12, 2019 - 10:27 am
The Washington Nationals are some cabbage smashing kings.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


As previously written on this site, "Baseball is a very strange sport played by very strange people."

And the Washington Nationals are absolutely strange people.

After the Nationals come-from-behind, extra-inning win Tuesday night in Philadelphia, it was time to break out the heads of cabbage again. If you think you didn't read that sentence right... you did. The Nats got heads of cabbage after the win. Seriously.

“The boys like their cabbage,” manager Dave Martinez said.

"I've never rallied around cabbage like we have," outfielder Adam Eaton said. "It gets the boys fired up and it brings us together."

The tradition (sure, tradition) began in spring training when the Nats had a cabbage relay-race of sorts, which resulted in some epic-smashes.

“We’re all in this as a group,” closer Sean Doolittle said about the cabbage smashing. “It was just a fun way to end the night.”

No matter what happens from here, it looks like the cabbage smashing was definitely a better idea than the spring training camels. 

To commemorate this new celebration, the people at Breaking T have come out with a new shirt.

Not to be outdone, 7th & F is also in the cabbage shirt game.


The Nationals have done a lot of weird strange things, so the cabbage smashing craze seems rather normal by comparison.

Yup. Strange sport played by strange people.

(H/t to Dan Steinberg)

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