Nats players smashed a bunch of cabbage for some reason

Ben Krimmel
February 18, 2019 - 5:37 pm
Washington Nationals took a break from training to smash some cabbage.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Baseball is a very strange sport played by very strange people. 

The Washington Nationals did not help dispel that belief Sunday when they spent National Cabbage Day (which evidently is a real thing) smashing some heads of cabbage. 

Um.... Okay, sure thing.

It appears the Nationals took part in some sort of relay race passing the cabbage from one player to another in a team building exercise? Actual exercise? Who really knows. Baseball is a very strange sport, this could be a new strategy?

One takeaway: These guys are uber-competitive and want to win at everything. So, that's encouraging.

Believe it or not, cabbage does have a special place in baseball history: The Great Bambino himself would place a leave of cabbage underneath his ball cap while playing the outfield on especially warm summer days to keep himself cool.

Um... Okay, sure thing, Babe.

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Perhaps by using the cabbage the Nats are attempting to summon some of the Sultan of Swat's talent? Baseball is weird. 

Naturally, Washington closer Sean Doolittle was able to find the humor in his dramatic cabbage smash.

Of course, spring training oddities are not new. Last February rookie manager Davey Martinez brought camels to a Wednesday practice.

Um... Okay, sure thing, Davey. 

It is anybody's guess what kind of luck the cabbage smashing will bring the Nationals this season. Hopefully for Martinez the cabbage is luckier than the camel, which led to an 82-80 record. 

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