Nats reliever Matt Grace befriends a camel

Brian Tinsman
March 08, 2018 - 11:27 pm

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


We may not know much about Washington Nationals skipper Dave Martinez yet, but we can be certain that he has some wacky bits up his sleeve.

The Nats need to get over the playoff hump. So he brought camels into the team's facilities in Florida. And why not?

first-base coach Tim Bogar and third-base coach Bob Henley rode camels onto the field.

"I thought it was a great idea," first-base coach Tim Bogar told the media. "I thought it was something just to make sure they cleared their minds, and they had fun with it. We embraced it. I thought the guys reacted to it real well.

"From what I could see, everybody was having a good time with it."

According to ESPN, there were three camels in attendance: Blondie, Lawrence and Brown. Players and coaches got to ride Blondie and Lawrence, while Brown was there only to appease Blondie. Lawrence made a friend in Nats reliever Matt Grace.

"We were just having our meeting and we turn and there are camels coming through the gate," he told MASN's Dan Kolko. "I've never seen a camel before. Up close, those things are pretty big. They're kinda cool. I became pretty friendly with them. I like them, so it was fun.

"Lawrence was one of the camels. Lawrence and Blondie, but I actually like Lawrence a little bit better."

We all have preferences. Maybe Blondie shouldn't be such a diva.

In case there is any question about who mentored Martinez, remember that he has long worked for Joe Maddon, widely regarded as the quirkiest manager in baseball. Then again, maybe pajama-themed road trips and metaphor camels are what puts a team over the top.

Maddon didn't look so silly hoisting a World Series trophy in Chicago, and the camels could end up in D.C. lore if this team does get over the hump.


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