40 seconds that explains Redskins' dysfunction

Brian Tinsman
January 10, 2019 - 9:32 pm

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins are coming off of probably the worst 7-9 season imaginable.

They have no healthy quarterbacks. They should probably clean house on defense, players and coaches. The business gurus brought in to fix the fan experience were all fired. Coaches are making lateral moves to get out.

So what if they ended one win short of .500? This feels like a five-alarm fire.

Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko joined CDVTW on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday, offering a sober, 40-second explanation of what ails the Redskins. It's well worth a listen:

"I mean, this is an organization that had (Matt) LaFleur, (Kyle) Shanahan and (Sean) McVay in the same building," he said, referring to the trio of Redskins offensive coaches that have gone on to become head coaches of the Packers, 49ers and Rams, respectively. "And the only person that's still there from that year is Bruce Allen. So, I mean, that's all you really need to know about how the Redskins are operating.

"I mean, I've gotta think Bruce has some kind of dirt on Dan Snyder. There's no other explanation for him still being around and running that organization."

It's worth noting, that former head coach Mike Shanahan, who was scapegoated for the team's 2013 collapse, has grown an impressive coaching tree from the carnage left behind in Washington.

McVay was one of the lone survivors of that Black Monday, eventually rising to the role of offensive coordinator under Jay Gruden's regime, before getting his shot with the Rams. 

The younger Shanahan was fired with his father and went first to Cleveland and then Atlanta, to prove he had the head coaching chops in San Francisco.

LaFleur is the latest young quarterback whisperer to get a chance, tasked with creating peace with mercurial quarterback Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Through it all, the only constant in Washington has been team president Bruce Allen.

Oh, and organizational chaos.

"You talk to people at every level there, whether they're players, they're coaches, they're staff members, people who work on the business side, and they say it's like Hell," Klemko continued. "It's compared to how miserable it is to work with the Patriots, except that the tradeoff with the Patriots is that you get to win Super Bowls."

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