Bryce Harper latest D.C. star athlete to shave

Brian Tinsman
June 19, 2018 - 10:57 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


For the second time in a week, the D.C. sports community lost an iconic beard.

Following in the footsteps of Stanley Cup champion Alex Ovechkin, Bryce Harper also forewent his follicles this week, showing off a clean shave in time the New York Yankees to come to town.

Don't worry, anyone aware of the Yankees' facial hair policy already made that joke:

Chances are pretty good that this theory is far-fetched. Harper has been linked to the Yankees, his childhood favorite team, for years. The Nats also already played the Yankees in May, when he had a wooly beard covering his face. If he wants to send a message to the Yankees, he has more effective ways of doing that.

According to the Washington Post, we last saw Bryce Harper's chiseled jawline in May 2013, when an injury caused by the outfield wall led him to shave. Since then, he has five uninterrupted years of beards, at least during the baseball season.

Why so shave the scruff? It's anyone's guess at this point.

Perhaps the fact that it's unseasonably sweltering in D.C., with field temperatures pushing into the triple digits. Perhaps it's that he's batting well below his career averages, despite leading MLB in home runs and walks. Perhaps he lost a bet about the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

But more than likely, he just felt like it.

The important question is whose iconic D.C. sports beard is next? Perhaps Marcin Gortat, who has already sheered his iconic mohawk? Maybe Josh Norman, who has facial hair as part of his Twitter avatar

Just so long as it isn't a clean shave for Braden Holtby, who has already taken his beard down from its former luscious playoff glory.


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