Bryce Harper rocks Baker Mayfield jersey

Brian Tinsman
August 26, 2018 - 10:40 pm

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


In the hours before the MLB non-waiver trade deadline, there was a widely-reported rumor that the Nationals and Indians could be close to working out a deal to send Bryce Harper to Cleveland.

That deal fizzled, but Harper's interest in Cleveland sports is real--at least as far as Baker Mayfield is concerned.

Around dinner time on Sunday, Harper posted this picture to his Instagram stories (trigger warning for Redskins fans):

At this point, we know that Harper is never and will never really be a Redskins fan. He's an avowed Cowboys fan and that's a character flaw unlikely to reverse itself at this late stage in life. He doesn't even really care about D.C. sports outside of the Nationals, as he was willing to attend a Stanley Cup playoff game at Capital One Center, supporting his Las Vegas Knights. 

Whether it's genuine or he just enjoys trolling D.C. sports fan is rather inconsequential at this point.

But to suggest that he's now a Browns fan sounds like a stretch, even with the Brownies hat. Harper is a player with edge and passion that has been mistaken for immaturity and disrespect. While never tagged as someone with character concerns, Harper has been portrayed in similar ways as Mayfield's detractors have.

If Harper was indeed going to a fantasy football draft (as his "Draft Day" caption might suggest), then he could be pushing the chips in on Mayfield.

Then again, maybe he's just messing with the other people in his league before he takes Alex Smith.


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