Harper's holdout will probably pay off for him

Brian Tinsman
February 18, 2019 - 12:23 am
Bryce Harper's long hold out will likely net him a bigger contract.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


If the latest Bryce Harper rumors are true, his new employer could be holding an introductory press conference as soon as tomorrow.

"New," because it doesn't sound like he's coming home to Washington.

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According to MLB insider Bob Nightengale, Harper could be swapping his curly 'W' for a rather average looking 'P.'

Then there is whatever this amounts to:

Just to prove that this process will never end, fellow MLB insider John Heyman named two other teams that are still in the hunt:

As you probably noticed, none of these teams is the Washington Nationals. That doesn't mean they aren't involved, but it might make them the black horse down the stretch.

Having Harper stay in the National League would be painful for Nats fans, especially if he goes to Philly. 

Adding insult to injury: Harper's absurdly long stay on the open market could pay off for him financially.

Way back in September, he declined a reported 10-year, $300-million offer from the Nats. At certain parts of the offseason, it looked like Harper--whose decision seems driven by the last dollar--might come to regret his approach. Perhaps, after gauging his market, he would see how much the team and city love him.

After all, 300 million birds in the hand are worth 500 million birds in the bush, or whatever.

Instead, it sounds like Harper's deal will vastly exceed $300 million, thus rewarding his holdout. 

And unless the Nats are ready to match the "stupid money," they'll watch as he buttons up another team's jersey this week.

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