Caps applied for parade application before Game 5

Brian Tinsman
June 10, 2018 - 9:53 pm

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Capitals were destined to win Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.

They were so sure of it, that they applied for the victory parade the morning before the Cup-clinching win. That takes some big pucks.

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The date and time on the application were spotted by Mark Segraves (@SegravesNBC4), a host for NBC-4:

File this application under "all is well that ends well." 

From a logistical standpoint, applying early makes a lot of sense for team officials. Celebrations for hundreds of thousands of people take a long time to plan and execute. Government bureaucracy is notoriously slow to navigate, even if the National Parks Service was expecting the application.

If the Caps had failed to secure victory in Game 5, they likely could have just withdrawn the application and tried again for Game 6, or Game 7, as necessary.

Instead, they called their shot on the morning of Game 5 and locked in the biggest D.C. sports party of the millennium.


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