Caps import 'fan' Kenan Thompson and it's bad

Brian Tinsman
June 02, 2018 - 10:15 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Updated 6/3/18, 1 a.m.: Washington, D.C., waited 20 years for a championship series. Then, on the eve of the biggest home game in a generation, the Washington Capitals and NHL apparently got self-conscious about the guest list.

So, they decided to invite A-lister Kenan Thompson. Yes, that Kenan Thompson.

Thompson was born in Atlanta and has spent a significant portion of his career in New York as the longest-running cast member on Saturday Night Live. He has no ties to D.C., but his hockey credentials do include both The Mighty Ducks 2 and 3. Fun fact: he learned how to skate while filming those movies.

In order to hastily baptize him into the Caps fan club, he ceremonially removed his New York Yankees hat less than one hour before game time and put on a fresh "ALL CAPS" hat:


Once inside the arena, he was shown on the jumbotron with his daughter, emphatically pointing to his treasured new hat:

At this point, it's a little bit sad, but not embarassing. Sure, the Caps don't have many notable celebrity fans, and that can be awkward. But it wasn't embarassing, yet.

Then the NBC Sports TV broadcast brought him on during the first intermission and celebrated just how little he knows about the Capitals.

"It's an East Coast thing. It's East Coast love. We drove down from New York, just because it's like, it's only four hours there. Only four hours away," he said, because sometimes you just get in the car and wonder what you could reach if you drove four hours away. Thompson might end up in New Hampshire next week.

"You gotta come and see it, man. It's not like you get to come to the finals at all, really. So, I got an invite and I'm here. I'm very happy I'm here."

Asked who his favorite Caps players were, Thompson gave the most groanworthy answer yet. Maybe it sincere or maybe it was a bit, but either way, it's awful.

"Y'know, it's all about Obi. Vechky. Number 8. Mr. Infinity. Y'know, I like them all," he said, not using any of the traditional nicknames for Alex Ovechkin. "Hobie in the goal is doing his thing. Brent. Who else can I name? Ochie? Some other people. What other names can I give you?"

Right. Something like that.

While there were other charming parts of the interview, this one seemed the most sincere. Perhaps it wasn't and was all a bit, so let's assume that this is the case.

The Caps already combat the reputation of having fair weather fans. The NHL is already looking up at the NBA playoffs and MLB regular season for ratings. NBC pays a lot of money to broadcast the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Even if this is an opportunity to promote an NBC employee on an NBC broadcast, why do something that makes the whole operation look bush league?

It makes Thompson look bad, it makes the Caps look bad and it makes hockey look like a joke.

Worst of all, the NHL/Caps/NBC passed on featuring real Caps fan Lynda Carter, a.k.a. Wonder Woman:


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