Chris Thompson on Derrius Guice: 'He's a baller'

Brian Tinsman
May 01, 2018 - 10:03 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Imagine if every year, your company hired someone to replace you. After doing so, they raved about the new guy and then asked you to rave about the new guy too.

Welcome to the NFL.

That has been the case for Chris Thompson in each of the five drafts since his selection as the 154th overall pick in the 2013 draft. Each year, the Redskins bring in a new running back with a new skill set that changes the roles of the other backs on the team.

Each year, Thompson adjusts and gets a little better in the process. If it makes him feel jealous or jilted, he does a great job of taking a positive outlook.

"It’s being human. I’ve had to deal with that. I understand that there’s going to be guys that they bring in every single year," he told writer Jake King-Schreifels. "I’ve had to tell myself that it doesn’t matter what they decide to do, I still gotta come in here and work every single day and you know they’re going to make decisions that they feel they need to make our team better."

Guice is expected to do that, and could even seize the starting job that Thompson had before suffering a leg injury last season. Regardless, the Redskins invested in Thompson, and his picture seems more secure than others in the running back stable.

"For me, as a player, it bothers you sometimes because you think ‘Ok, my job might be taken,’ but at the same time if you’re worried about that then you’re not doing what you need to on the field, so it’s like why? There is no reason to be upset," Thompson reasoned. "But I get it because my first couple of years in the league I was there. I had that feeling."

Thompson shared some sage words of advice for Rob Kelley and Samaje Perine, who each have starting experience.

"I’ve been telling them for the longest, every year they’re going to bring guys in no matter how good or bad you do," Thompson said. "The only thing you can worry about is what you can do on the field, what you can do every day, what you showed up in the film room."

The rest of the article is well worth a read, as Thompson talks about how zen the running back group is, and how he hopes Guice's partying persona doesn't change things.


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