Clinton Portis gets Adrian Peterson jersey signed

Brian Tinsman
August 24, 2018 - 11:49 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For Washington Redskins fans of a certain age, No. 26 will always be Clinton Portis. 

But even CP can appreciate watching Adrian "AD" Peterson run under his old digits.

With Quinton Dunbar wearing No. 23 (that AD wore in Arizona) and Peterson not wanting his old No. 28, 26 became the preferred numeral. When Portis heard the news this week, he initially tweeted (somewhat tongue in cheek) that his number should be retired:

Days later, he was interviewed by TMZ Sports and discussed how much it meant to share a number with Peterson, even years after the fact.

"I feel like it's respect, man," he said. "For AP, who is a future Hall of Famer to put that jersey on, it's respect...Definitely not upset. I'm years removed. A number's gonna be a number. Same way they removed the name on the locker and parking spaces. All that goes (away). It's just appreciation any time that 2-6 flashes across the screen."

Portis joked that he might have to do what the thief did to Tom Brady's jersey after Super Bowl LI.

"I'm gonna try to break into the locker room on Friday after the game and steal it," he said with a grin. "Like the man did up in New England, I'm gonna go in the locker room and come up with it; just in case it's never seen again. So, I'll have it."

When pressed on what he really wanted, Portis said that he wanted a signed No. 26 from Peterson on Friday. "I need that," he said with a laugh.

On Friday, Portis interviewed Peterson coming off the field as part of the Redskins' television broadcast, in his role as the sideline reporter. The interview was engaging and fun, as Portis' interviews tend to be, and it ended with Peterson signing the jersey:

In the sports media world, autographs are highly frowned upon. But Portis isn't really "sports media," and he wasn't trying to hide his request. That's just a fun moment between legendary running backs.


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