Clinton Portis takes one more shot at Jim Zorn

Brian Tinsman
October 11, 2018 - 10:46 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Clinton Portis hasn't played in the NFL since his last five-game stint in 2010. Jim Zorn hasn't coached in the NFL since flaming out as the Kansas City quarterbacks coach in 2012.

That doesn't mean that bygones will be bygones between the two.

Clinton Portis, who has taken on much more of a media role in recent years, roasted his former head coach on NBC-4's Redskins Showtime  to illustrate how much the coach-player relationship matters:

"I think it has an effect. Coach Gibbs could've talked me into jumping off the Empire State Building and I just felt like I was going to land," he said. "What was the other coach we had? Coach Zorn? He couldn't have talked me into walking into Redskins Park. To hell with that, I'm sitting in the parking lot."

So how does the team get better from here? Portis recommends an outpouring of emotion from the team leadership this week.

"You've got to have somebody who's ready to slap somebody on the sidelines," he said bluntly. "Somebody that's ready to talk to us. You've got to have a fight in practice. I've got to pull the best out of you; maybe you don't like me for it. All of my teammates didn't like me and I didn't like all my teammates. We're out here to get the job done."


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