Dan Patrick: Beware of unnamed sources' agendas

Brian Tinsman
March 06, 2019 - 9:24 pm

Michael Reaves/Getty Images


Rumors are currency in the NFL, and there's a lot to be gained by peddling them.

That was sports talk personality Dan Patrick's point, responding to Charley Casserly's bombshell report from Tuesday.

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According to Casserly's sources, Murray's stock dropped on everything from leadership to football IQ and work ethic.

"I talked to multiple teams, and (the interview) wasn't very good," said Casserly. "The board work — where you test the guy on his football knowledge, his knowledge on his scheme and potential things he's seen in the NFL — was not very good at all."

It's not that Casserly is wrong, but it matters who his unnamed source is.

"The information, this time of year, is hard to trust, on both sides. I don't trust anybody's information that works for or with a team. I just don't," Patrick said, which is solid advice for D.C. sports fans. "I can't, because I've learned the hard way. Everyone has an agenda and it's hard to get the whole picture.

"Charley Casserly, I don't know if he'd say 'hey, I'm getting used by somebody.' Some of the best reporters I've ever been around will admit to you, sometimes privately, they've been used before...Somebody will give you information because they want the information out there."

The question is what does the source stand to gain by damaging Murray's reputation and draft stock?

There are a number of teams that want a quarterback in the draft, but the Arizona Cardinals have the first overall pick. If they want him, he's theirs. If he slips past the first overall pick, teams like the Raiders and Redskins are in play.

"Casserly, I don't know if he's speaking to the Raiders," Patrick speculated. "They would like to get him downgraded, so they have a chance to get him. 

"Potential draft picks, when they go into a meeting and they know that team is not going to take them, they sort of mail it in. I don't know if that happened or not with Kyler Murray. I don't know how many teams Charley Casserly talked to about Kyler Murray, but there is that possibility."

The real takeaway is that without knowing who talked to Casserly and what their goal was, there's really no way to gauge the report.

"If you're the Cardinals, you have to take what Casserly said with a grain of salt," he said. "It's a good idea to do that with all of these draft picks."


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