D.C. United launches its own virtual currency

Brian Tinsman
June 14, 2018 - 6:31 pm

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

While it isn't quite cryptocurrency, D.C. United is unveiling an interesting concept ahead of its stadium grand opening next month: a "virtual currency" that basically amounts to store credit with the team.

The currency is being called "Fan Allocation Money," and syncs with the team's new mobile app. Per the website, "FAM is acquired when you trade your tickets back to the club through the D.C. United app...allowing you to receive value for tickets you do not use."

It's a new twist on several old concepts. Instead of selling unused tickets for less than face value, or with transaction fees, you sell them back to the team for store credit. It isn't the same as having your money back, but you can at least upgrade future experiences with upgrades, including club-level seats or pre-game field passes.

The biggest catch seems to be that you have to make up your mind in time for the team to resell your seats. Up until 48 hours before game time, you can get full value for the seats. Inside of 48 hours, that value drops to 60 percent.

Like store credit in the early 2000s, FAM does expire. It can only be used during the 2018 season (no carry over to 2019) and cannot be used for the playoffs. This setup is designed for season ticket holders and must be done through the new team app.

In other D.C. United news, the pitch is down at the new Audi Field, and it still has plenty of time to set before the field opens for use. This is the picture from almost two weeks ago:

Here is a more complete look at the progress being made on the pitch and the stadium, with opening night on July 14:


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