Derrius Guice tips delivery guy more than 200 percent

Brian Tinsman
September 20, 2018 - 10:11 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When the Washington Redskins drafted Derrius Guice, the narrative surrounding him was one of high talent and possible "character concerns."

It's hard to believe that now, as Guice was quick to win over fans with his training camp performance and extreme willingness to interact off of the field as well.

Now, even as he rehabs his injured knee and prepares for 2019, Guice continues to prove that he is the hero that Washington deserves (and can wait another season for).

Here's the original tweet that Guice posted after having the pizza delivered:

Scott Allen of the Washington Post's Sports Bog was the first to report the story of Asante McNeill, a student at Northern Virginia Community College, who delivers pizza to help pay for school. 

McNeill had delivered pizza to Guice before, which is how he had the confidence to talk to running back. It was not until much later that McNeill realized that Guice left him more than 200 percent tip on his $30 order.

It was a nice gesture, and an amount that would have taken McNeill the entire night to earn.

"I was sitting in my car and was really emotional, so I just DM’d him and told him how much I appreciate him," McNeill told Allen. "I was having a rough week -- full-time school and just working a lot. It was a rough week tip-wise as well, and I just wanted to show him my appreciation if I never deliver to him again."

Lots of athletes (and regular people) tip well, and many celebrities get credit for big tips. This one feels different because of the way that Guice handled the situation.

Yes, he tweeted out a screenshot of the message he received from McNeill. But he did it with the message that anyone can follow his lead:

It's a shame that Guice will not get to compete for Rookie of the Year this season, but he has certainly made a strong impression his first season in Washington.


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