D.J. Swearinger's facemask honors Sean Taylor

Brian Tinsman
September 09, 2018 - 6:41 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Last November, around the 10th anniversary of Sean Taylor's untimely death, current Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger honored Taylor's legacy by wrapping his facemask with tape:

On Sunday, Swearinger continued the tradition, again wrapping his facemask in tape as he kicked off his second season in D.C.:

There's a funny story behind Taylor's facemask, who initially chose it as a form of self-expression that was not sanctioned by the NFL. According to former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, Taylor and teammate Clinton Portis had been fined for unsanctioned socks the week before and decided to up the ante.

Williams asked the equipment manager to swap out Taylor's facemask so he wouldn't get fined again. Taylor responded by taping up his replacement facemask with 40-50 pieces of tape as well.

"It did, quite frankly, piss me off,” Williams said in the NFL Network special on Taylor from 2014. "So they put [the taped up face mask> in my locker. And I’ll be damned if he didn’t go ahead and tape up the one they put on anyway. He still went ahead and got fined."

It is not clear if Swearinger's tribute violates NFL rules, but it is a very cool gesture for Redskins fans.


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